Painting 101

A few things you should know before you choose your painter. Then after you choose a painter, know how to prep for them.

Choosing Your Painter

Does your painter have experience?

It’s important to choose a company that has service experience, understanding all aspects of a job. Different types of paint react differently with different types of surfaces. An experienced professional will not only know what’s the best product for you, but also how much you will approximately need to buy. An experienced painter is going to save you more money long term by asking and answering all the right questions before even starting the job.

Can you trust them?

Obviously, if you are going to let someone come into your home or just onto your property, you need to establish some trust in the beginning. In the crazy world we live in, that can be a scary and risky process. Meet them ahead of time. Ask for references. Look for them online (especially on official 3rd party review sites). Ask if they have insurance. Austin’s Paint Guys can provide all of these things and more to assure and insure your safety and comfort.

How long will it take?

Get a quote. Get it in writing. Get both parties to sign. Be sure to ask what the timeline is, and get that in writing as well.

Preparing Your Space